Michigan first time Home Buyers: What You Need to Know about Homeowners Insurance

Michigan first time Home Buyers: What You Need to Know about Homeowners Insurance
Buying your first home is an exciting time in your life. It is a dream come true for many families who plan to raise their children in Macomb County, MI, or just enjoy the benefits of home ownership. The one thing that you need to remember when purchasing a home, is reliable homeowners insuranc…

Warren, Michigan Small Business Insurance

Warren, Michigan Small Business Insurances
If “That Day” You Wish Never Happens in Your Small Business Does, Protect Yourself with Small Business Insurance

Small Business Insurance is able to offer reimbursement financially in a circumstance where some type of loss occurs. In Warren, Michigan, if you acquire a Small Business Insurance Plan , you are capable to shield your self from a…

Macomb County, Michigan Client Testimonial

Michigan Insurance Source helped us significantly reduce our insurance costs. Their analysis of our Workers Compensation classifications and recommendations were instrumental great savings

John D., Macomb Twp., MI

Macomb County, Michigan Client…

Imlay City, Michigan Insurance Testimonial

Service comes first

The level of customer service, coupled with the degree of urgency with which you take care of our insurance requirements, is second to none. Our small business is of the nature that we must have information almost immediately upon request. And, your response time has been most impressive. Within a reasonable period of time, we always receive a returned telephone call or…

Client Testimonial from Warren, Michigan

Thankful for additional insurance
Thank You M.I.S.A.: Last week my sump pump backed up due to a power outage. It was awful, as I am sure you know. This is my first experience with this type of thing. My agent, Bryant sold me this additional insurance for water back up a couple of months ago. I can’t thank him enough!!! The gentleman that came to my home after, the backup, was very professiona…

Macomb County Testimonial on Insurance

Agent assistant commendation
I wish to commend Bryant Goodreau for his diligence in researching and advising me on selection of insurance coverage of my new house. Bryant made sure my policy was professionally delivered and on timely basis. Thank you, Bryant!!
Matt from Macomb, MI

Macomb County Testimonial on…

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