Home and Auto After Hours Claims

What do I do when a claim occurs?

STEP ONE – If you’ve experienced a claim, it is important to secure your property and reduce your possibility of further loss. Examples: if damage to dwelling, board up or cover area. If water accumulation, call a qualified carpet cleaner or emergency water restoration company to come out and immediately start removing it and drying the area. If damage to your vehicle and its not drivable, have it towed to your residence or a repair shop of your *choice. In many cases, expenses you incur to temporarily secure your property may be reimbursed.

STEP TWO – Determine who your insurance carrier is, (i.e. Safeco, Encompass, Progressive, etc) and then review the list below for “24 hour claims reporting” contact numbers. These carriers prefer to be contacted directly when reporting a claim (have your policy number ready if possible):

Encompass Insurance (800)-588-7400

 Safeco Insurance Co. (800) 332-3226


Progressive Insurance Co. (800) 888-7764

NOTE – If the claim involves damage to your dwelling, commercial building or other structure and it requires immediate attention, please contact one of our preferred emergency repair and water resolution contractors to send a crew as soon as possible:

MJ White & Son Inc. (888) 992-4404    www.mjwhiteandson.com
ISC Servicer (888) 244-7337                www.iscservices.net 
Interstate Construction (866) 463-7981 www.interstateconstructionllc.com
Elite Contracting (586) 557-0218

STEP THREE– After You Report the Claim

Depending on the situation, you may be asked to make a list of damaged or stolen property. Sometimes some substantiation of the value of the items may be necessary. The insurance carrier wants to provide you the best service possible during a difficult time. Be confident that if you work with your adjuster to complete the claim you’ll be treated fairly and professionally. Please be informed that in the event of a larger scale occurrence like a storm that causes numerous claims in the area, response times will suffer. In the rare occurrence that you believe that you are not receiving prompt and/or fair service, please contact us, your Independent Agent, to aid in the process.